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About Us

FORESHORE is where the Best FOOD and the Best SERVICE comes TOGETHER” – We as a team take pride in doing what we believe.
As it’s all about the PASSION & LOVE we have for the FOOD that Brings the best in us every single day in & out.
We are in the hospitality industry since 2017 and has earned over a period of time a great NAME & REPUTATION by providing our customers NOW regulars the best in us either on your table at home by delivering it to you or in the restaurant where people come and cherish the authentic flavors to the max.
With your ongoing support we are trying our best to maintain the hospitality standards and even improve to bring the actual taste of India and also a great service with the Food into such a beautiful country named New Zealand.
“Happiness is in the service of others and the team work is how we do it”
-Team Foreshore